Tenants MUST Send A 7 Day Notice Before Claiming Less Rent Due in Eviction

There are many common misconceptions the public has about eviction.  The most common issue we see is one regarding repairs; namely landlord’s refusal to repair the property.

As a tenant you must be EXTREMELY careful and follow Florida Statute strictly.  Florida law requires that tenant send the landlord a 7 day WRITTEN notice about the non-compliance and must afford landlord those 7 days to repair.

Some common errors are:

  • sending text messages
  • talking to landlord on the phone about it
  • leaving landlord voicemails

Florida law requires WRITTEN notice.  The best choice is to spend the $6 and send it certified mail so landlord must sign for it that he/she received the notice.

If landlord files an eviction lawsuit after a 3 day notice because tenant refused to pay rent due to landlord’s failure to repair, and tenant did not issue a 7 day notice and engages in self-help by withholding rent (or repairing him/herself and withholding rent), landlord WILL win the eviction.  See Lee v. Schweizer , 7 Fla L. Weekly Supp 750a, County Court Sarasota 2000.

Tenants are urged to seek counsel when landlord refuses to repair or comply with any provisions of the lease.

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