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Our law firm represents client in Broward, Miami and Palm Beach regarding landlord and tenants in lease disputes, eviction, eviction notices, 3 day notice, 7 day notice, 15 day notice, eviction process, eviction disputes, security deposit, month to month tenants, leases, illegal eviction, wrongful eviction, commercial leases, and commercial eviction.

Usually parties will try to conduct the eviction process without an attorney, which leads to improper notices to tenants, wrongful evictions, cases being dismissed, and appeals. On the tenant side this often leads to losing the eviction case without the right to defend because the tenant failed to do what was required by law in order to have the right to defend the case.

Why waste your time and property rights going to court without a lawyer?

Our attorneys represent landlords attempting to evict tenants who are behind on their monthly rent. The process will generally begin with a notice to the tenant before the lawsuit to willingly vacate the property (3 day for non-payment of rent, 7 day for violation of the lease, or 15 day to terminate a month-to-month tenancy), serve all occupants with the lawsuit, and then the court case for eviction to regain possession of the property and/or damages/rent owed, and the Sheriff to evict the tenant. There are many intricacies such as the tenant having the duty to deposit the undisputed rent into the court registry in order to allege defenses and other tiny issues that can spin a case on its head and allow the landlord to get the tenant out much faster without potential damage to the property or wasted time and money.
We also represent tenant rights concerning eviction. Often, as seen above, landlords do not follow Florida law when evicting tenants, which can lead to defects in the eviction process and buy you more time to work something out with the landlord. More often, tenants are sued and fail to do what they are required to by law within the 5 days afforded due to not having a lawyer and lose the eviction by default with no right to defend. Tenants have the duty to deposit the rent alleged into the complaint within 5 days in order to allege ANY defense except payment to the landlord. This is the most common mistake we see tenants make and leads to more cases not able to be defended, although improper or defective, than for any other reason.

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