The South Florida attorneys at HK Legal Group assist clients in various aspects of property insurance claims; whether residential or commercial.

If your insurance company is delaying paying or denying payments of insurance funds, contact us TODAY for your free consultation.  Insurance companies often dispute or deny claims based on the terms of exclusions in the policy in an effort to not pay out claims.  After all, the insurance companies are not in the business of paying out claims, but rather collecting maximum premiums and thus profit.

Delay and denial of claims can lead to residing in unlivable conditions for long periods of time.  The insurance company may also value the replacement costs of damages items via local pricing at much less than the actual cost to replace, leaving the homeowner on the hook for the rest.

Our attorneys will review your insurance policy and claim/denial and determine what benefits the insurance comapny contractually owes you and attempt to resolve the claim for a fair amount prior to filing suit.

When you have an insurance dispute, contact us right away at or call/text 754-900-1LAW (1529)