Demand letters drafted by our South Florida lawyers can often solve disputes before they get to lawsuits. These letters are a cost-effective way to resolve issues between parties.

Demand letters can be for money, return of property, intellectual property rights, theft of money or property, etc.

The letter will lay out the basis for the claim(s) and make a demand for relief, to be provided or else suit will be filed. The other party must confront the high possibility that you won't go away and plan to pursue your day in court. The other party must face the fact that they will have to spend time themselves, or money on a lawyer, to defend their position.

Many types of civil lawsuits, such as civil theft and foreclosure, require pre-suit notices to be send before a lawsuit may be filed.  In the case of civil theft, a demand for payment within 30 days must be made in order to invoke the statute and sue for 3 times the amount taken/bad check plus recover your attorney's fees and costs.

Demand letters can be a cost effective way to attempt to settle before spending the high cost of filing a lawsuit.

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