Are you owed money? Need to sue or have a judgment to collect on?  

Retain competent and aggressive legal counsel TODAY.  People know ways to hide assets and avoid their creditors, even better so after the recent financial crisis.   We use proven techniques in and out of court to collect the debt you are owed.    We always begin with a written attempt to collect the debt owed in  an amicable manner, as well as to verify the debtor's identity and the debt itself.

If there is no judgment then we will initiate suit in the appropriate court and obtain a judgment.  If there is a judgment, we can garnish salaries and bank accounts, and place liens via recorded judgment on investment properties or any property that is not claimed as the debtor's homestead.   We can also domesticate a foreign judgment (out of the State of Florida) to collect upon a now current resident of Florida.

We also handle subrogation matters for insurance carriers collecting funds due stemming from automobile accidents and property damage done by others causing the carrier to pay out funds of behalf of their insured.

Generally, debt collection is not taken on a contingency basis (attorney fee is a percentage of the money recovered) as there is no guarantee that the debtor has assets to take, or will not file bankruptcy wiping out any potential unsecured debt owed.