We represent both debtors and creditors in debt collections efforts.


Are you owed money? Need to sue or have a judgment to collect on?  

Retain competent legal counsel TODAY.  People know ways to hide assets and avoid their creditors, even better so after the recent financial crisis.   We use proven techniques in and out of court to collect the debt you are owed.    We can garnish salaries and bank accounts, and place liens on investment properties or any property that is not claimed as the debtor's homestead.  

Generally, debt collection is not taken on a contingency basis (attorney fee is a percentage of the money recovered) as there is no guarantee that the debtor has assets to take, or will not file bankruptcy wiping out any potential unsecured debt owed.   



Are your debts out of control? The law firm of HK Legal Group can help you.

Bankruptcy is an extreme last resort option that should only be filed in certain circumstances. If we feel that bankruptcy is the best option for you we can refer you to a reputable bankruptcy attorney in the area.

Often though, hiring an attorney to assist you negotiate a debt or credit card bill can save you money while not ruining your credit in bankruptcy.

Typically, debt collectors such as unsecured second mortgages, credit cards, medical bills, utility bills and other bills will take pennies on the dollar to settle the debts; especially after a few years has elapsed without any payment.  Often these debts are turned over to third party debt collectors who paid pennies on the dollar for the right to collect the debt, and are happy to pay a few pennies per dollar profit to settle without spending money to sue you. Often these debts can be settled for 10-50% of the total balance owed; typically around 25-33% of the total balance or less.

These debt collectors also engage in shady tactics and illegal threats to collect these debts from consumers. Hiring a lawyer can prevent these abuses and gain you the leverage to finally settle these debts haunting you.

Creditors will even lie to you that if you make a payment today that it is the fastest way to get the debt off of your credit report; which cannot be further from the truth.  Once a legitimate debt appears on your credit report, it will remain there for at least seven years, whether it’s paid in full or not.

We first make sure that the debt really belongs to you.  We then examine the documents to ensure that the creditor has a right to collect the debt and it is not a "zombie debt" beyond the statute of limitations; or time to sue.  If it is outside of this period, then we may be able to get the case completely dismissed and the creditor to pay you back all of your costs and attorney's fees.  We suggest that you DO NOT pay the creditor ANY money until consulting with us as that can restart the clock to collect even if it had expired.

Call us today for a free consultation to see if we can help you reduce your debts without filing for bankruptcy and settling for pennies on the dollar.