Our team of experienced Boca Raton foreclosure defense attorneys have nearly a decade of combined foreclosure experience and the individual attorneys having participated in thousands of foreclosure cases.   Mr. Hamilton prosecuted thousands of cases for banks and mortgage servicers, and intricately understands how the corporations and their law firms operate.  Mr. Klurfeld participated in over one thousand foreclosure defense cases and fully understands the complexities of foreclosure defense and loss mitigation; such as loan modification and short sale.

If you have a Boca foreclosure, you only have 20 days from when served to file a response.  And this response must be calculated as you do not want to lose out on certain defenses and tactics you can use by going about it on your own without one of our experienced Boca Raton foreclosure defense attorneys.

We know what steps the bank must take to foreclose on your home and may be able to negotiate a resolution of your case before a Judgment of Foreclosure. Call us to discuss your foreclosure in Boca so that we can discuss 1) strategies for working with your lender; 2) alternatives to foreclosures; 3) the foreclosure process; and 4) legal defenses that may be available to you.  DO NOT DELAY!   If you do not answer the complaint in time, you may lose your right to assert the defenses which may give you more time in your home.  We may be able help you stop foreclosure in Boca Raton.

We also represent buyers and sellers at real estate closings for buyers and sellers, loan modifications, short sales, partition, real estate contracts, ownership disputes, deeds, ejectment, contracts, lawsuits/litigation, criminal defense, personal injury, etc.

Request a case evaluation with one of our experienced foreclosure defense attorneys in Boca Raton to the right of this screen, or at 754-900-1LAW (1529) or at info@HKLegalGroup.com