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Yahoo News featured a good article this past Friday May 20, 2016 on debt collection here;  a hot topic lately.

Some of these debt collectors engage in shady tactics and illegal threats to collect these debts from consumers; especially re-sold debts to third party collectors.   Creditors will even lie to you that if you make a payment today that it is the fastest way to get the debt off of your credit report; which cannot be further from the truth.  Once a legitimate debt appears on your credit report, it will remain there for at least seven years, whether it’s paid in full or not.  All this does is restart the statute of limitations allowing them to sue you on a possibly barred claim!

As soon as you are contacted about an unpaid debt your first call should be to an attorney; and DO NOT speak to the creditor as anything you say could be used against you.

We first make sure that the debt really belongs to you.  We then examine the documents to ensure that the creditor has a right to collect the debt and it is not a “zombie debt” beyond the statute of limitations; or time to sue.  If it is outside of this period, then we may be able to get the case completely dismissed and the creditor to pay you back all of your costs and attorney’s fees.  We suggest that you DO NOT pay the creditor ANY money until consulting with an attorney first.

If you do not recognize the debt, you have 30 days per federal law to send a written correspondence that you dispute the validity of the debt and the creditor MUST respond with evidence that the debt is yours.

You should also record dates and times that creditors contact you as well as any threats made as they could be Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) violations.

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