New Foreclosure Procedures to Cancel Sales in Broward County, Florida

In the past, sale date cancellation hearings were scheduled at will, even with 1-2 days notice.  Now, the Court is requiring at least 5 business days notice to the Court itself via an email to set the date for a hearing to cancel a sale date.  Any hearings not confirmed by the Court will NOT be heard as walk-ins as in the past.
ANNOUNCEMENT! From the 17th Judicial Court Broward
The following announcement was posted on the doors of the court rooms today:
Beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2015 all Add Ons will be handled in the following manner:
All Add Ons will be scheduled with prior email notification ONLY.
For Emergency Motion to Stop a Sale please email the Foreclosure Unit at least 5 working days prior to the hearing.
The email address is Cases will be considered schedule by way of an email confirmation.
For all other Add Ons please also email us at least10 days out. In all cases the name of your motion must be stated. Again your hearing will ONLY be considered confirmed by email from Division 11.

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