Florida Tenant Arrested for Blowing “Raspberries” (Strange Law)

Dominick L. Verducci had a disute with his apartment complex and told the manager that if he were younger he would “knock the nose” off his face. He then stuck his tongue out and blew the man a raspberry at the manager.

Verducci was charged with battery because the spit from his raspberry hit the property manager in the face.  Battery is defined as actually or intentionally touching or striking another person.  Police said that the crime is not limited to extremities, but includes objects such as bodily fluids.

Verducci, who was dripping wet for an undisclosed reason and wasn’t wearing a shirt, went to complain in the front office of the apartment complex.  The manager overheard Verducci and went to address the loud situation and the puddle of water he had made on the floor.

Verducci became angry, cursed at the manager and blew a raspberry in his face.  When the manager would not fight Verducci, he went to leave continuing to be loud and pretended to wipe his rear end.

Officers arrested Verducci for simple battery and he was booked in Alachua County jail.  He was released on his own recognizance shortly after.

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