Florida Foreclosure Statute of Limitations Bartram vs. US Bank Oral Arguments Today 11/4/2015

http://wfsu.org/gavel2gavel/viewcase.php?eid=2294  Video of the oral arguments from the Florida Supreme Court this morning in Brtram vs. US Bank concerning the Florida foreclosure statute of limitations issue.

As you can see, even a child can tell that the judges are totally against the homeowner’s argument; especially Justice Pariente.

It would appear the writing is on the wall already that the Florida Supreme Court will find that a bank has essentially unlimited time to foreclose, no matter how many times they blundered in the case, the case was dismissed, or how long it’s been since they accelerated the debt; even if after the 5 year statute of limitations for mortgage foreclosure set in the Florida Statutes.

Stay tuned for the opinion, which may take weeks or months to be issued.

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