How much will it cost me?

We charge a mixture of fee types for our legal services depending greatly on the case type and attorney time involved, which include: flat fees, monthly fees and hourly fees. While we attempt to include all known costs at the time of signing the retainer such as: court filing fees, court summons fees, service of process, parking at the courthouse for hearings, copies, faxes, postage, etc..  It is impossible to foresee all costs at the beginning of representation for an entire case though, and thus the client will be required to pay all additional costs as they come due during representation.

Do you offer a free in-person consultation?

We have had numerous people request a free consultation purely to gain free legal advice with no intention of ever retaining any lawyer, let alone our office. For these reasons, we generally restrict the initial no-cost consultation to a phone/chat/email conversation of about 15 minutes or less; and we will not spell out the exact plan of action or process in great detail until an attorney-client relationship is formed.  This time is to merely evaluate the general facts of your case, what remedies are available to the client, and quote a price for the service(s).

If you would like further time beyond the free consultation to discuss by telephone or in person, it can be purchased at $100 for every 30 minutes of attorney time.

If we initiate the request for an in-person meeting for complex matters or to review documents/evidence, there will be no charge.

We will NOT accept walk-ins without an appointment under any circumstances; absent an emergency matter (a hearing or deadline in 24 hours or less).

We have an online webchat service at the bottom right corner of all pages of this website, and you may also send us email to with questions or case inquiries.  Email is the most efficient method of contact, as generally emails are answered in under 1 hour; or by next morning if after hours.

If you are looking for “general legal advice” we charge $100.00 for a maximum 30 minute meeting which will be billed up-front before scheduling your appointment.  This fee is to dissuade serial seekers of free general legal advice with various attorneys in their area from scheduling in-office appointments at our office expending valuable attorney billable time.

What is included in the initial phone/web/email consultation?

This is an informal conversation that gives us the opportunity to assess the issues involved in your case, and the remedies available to you, so that we can give you an accurate estimate of what our services will cost you. This will generally only last about 15 minutes maximum. The free consultation is NOT meant to provide free legal advice or substitute for hiring a competent attorney; and thus specific details and procedures will not be discussed. The initial consult also gives you the opportunity to determine whether you think we are the right law firm for you and if you want to hire us to represent you for your legal matters. Representation does not begin until a retainer agreement is signed and a deposit paid.

What if I can’t afford your fees up-front?

We offer payment plans that can be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to make our legal services as affordable to you as possible. We also accept all major credit cards if you do not have access to funds immediately (in addition to cash, check and money order) as well as Paypal.