David Stern Disbarred

This week the Florida Bar decided to disbar David Stern years after he ceased business.

In a “ho-hum” decision, the Bar charged Stern $60,000 in fees/fines and disbarred him.  Barely a victory after Stern walked away with tens of millions of dollars.  I am pretty sure that he does not need to work another day of his life, nor needs that law license anymore.

It is an interesting read in that it describes the systematic fraud that Stern and his employees committed on the courts with falsified documents, affidavits and assignments.  Unfortunately, the courts have shown that they do not care as long as the documents are in hand the ban wins.  

It goes through to describe, as most know by now, the improperly notarized assignments and robo-signing by Cheryl Samons.  It describes Ms. Samons signing assignments without notaries and witnesses present only to be improperly notarized later.   Again, unfortunately judges simply do not care about this fact as it technically does not void this assignment or the intent to transfer per se.

While an interesting read, it really does little in terms of the state of foreclosures in Florida or the arguments to be made in court.

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