Broward County Warning- Recent Change in Court Attitude TowardForeclosure Defendants Regarding Sale Dates

Broward County, where we have the bulk of our foreclosure cases and practice daily, has taken a sudden turn it its attitude towards sale dates.  Before, Broward was one of the loosest counties with sale dates we’ve experienced.  2009 case and cancelled 3 times before? Sure, one more time.  Bank agrees? Sure judge signs and agreed order without reviewing it 99% of the time. 

Suddenly, Broward County has decided to change its position on sale date cancellations; likely due to the foreclosure court finding issue coming up again at the end of June 2015. 

We are starting to see, and not a steadfast rule, generally any case 2010 or older being automatically denied cancelling the sale that has been cancelled one or more times before.  That is unless the homeowner is in an approved modification or short sale.   This is in stark contrast to how sale dates were handled not even 1 month ago. 

We urge all homeowners out there to consider this and start your loan modification, short sale or deed in lieu NOW.  Our firm’s general policy has always been to start our clients on modifications or short sale long before judgment I their case; as this does not affect their case and is not admissible as any type of evidence. 

This policy has paid of greatly as we have a higher rate of obtaining approved modifications and deeds in lieu (walk away) than any firm I have worked with in the past; who charge higher fees too. 

If you need assistance defending your foreclosure case along with loan modification, short sale or deed in lieu, contact us ASAP at 754-800-LAW0 or for your FREE case evaluation.   

Or go on our website and submit your case information to is and we will contact you back as soon as possible to discuss with a licensed Florida attorney. 

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