Broward and Palm Beach Foreclosures Down Year to Year But Holding Steady

According to, while foreclosures in Broward County are down overall, they are still holding steady into January 2015.

As you can see, foreclosure activity remains string, while auctions have fluctuated right around 1,000 per month,  the number of bank-owned properties has skyrocketed.  A sure trend that the Broward court system is clearing out old cases.

Additionally, Broward County foreclosures continue to beat the national and Florida average in units in foreclosure at 0.30%

Palm Beach County exhibited similar trends but at lower numbers. Total foreclosure activity was around 1500 instead of 2500. Pre-foreclosures were about half that of Broward County with auctions at approximately 600-700 average monthly and bank owned properties up but not as drastically to around 500 per month. Palm Beach came in under the national average at with .22% of all units in foreclosure

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