Be Wary of “Services” Like This

Readers, please be wary of foreclosure “services” like this that sound all too good to be true and more like sales pitches (the stock photographs in the ads doesn’t help the credibility either).

“Stop” the foreclosure process.   FALSE.  There is no such thing as stopping the foreclosure process once it has started.  The court process continues like any other case until a resolution.  This statement is patently false and dangerously misleading.

“Our Agents.”  Meaning you do not get to speak to an attorney or even anyone with legal knowledge.  You talk to a salesman trying to get you signed up before you even get any information how the service can help you.

“We have a network of attorneys.”  Meaning attorneys either pay for “leads” that this service offers of potential clients to sign up, or this service refers people to attorneys they know nothing about.

Please be smarter than advertising these days.  While it is premature to call this service a scam, it is certainly misleading and putting forth some false information.  It more resembles an infomercial versus a legitimate service to offer help.

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