Get Your Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims in NOW!

All Florida residents recovering from hurricane Irma should immediately begin getting their claims in for damage to their properties.  With the extent of the damage across the state, claims could take longer than average to process and repairs to be done.  The sooner the start the better.

If you need assistance with your policy or claim, or feel that the insurance company is wrongfully denying a repair or denying paying out the full true cost of a repair, contact us for a consultation at 754-900-1LAW (1529).   If you have an issue with our condominium or HOA covering the hurricane damage, or their policy, we cover those issues as well.

Please have a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy handy as this is where we must look to determine what is covered or not covered.  You can also submit this to us via email to, or using the box on all pages of our website and attaching your policy with the button provided.